Watching Ivone Play Volleyball

This has been one of my pastimes lately. My dear friend Ivone is a varsity volleyball player in our university and her team would practice everyday after classes. Pastime, I’d say, ‘coz I’m always there too! Hehe…

I’m just amused when I watch people, especially a friend, play a sport well. There’s really something in them that makes me want to strive and be good in that sport too. And that would be volleyball in this case. I’d been in familiar to this game ever since I was in high school and, among all major sports, this sport is the one that I learned very fast (but I’m not that good though). Unfortunately, I really have a lot of other things to do and think about and offer my attention to—whooh!—so that’s why I just settle to watching Ivone play along with her teammates and I’d say it’s great.

And, boy, she’s great as well! All those serves and receptions and spikes, haha, I wish I could do those too.

What’s more, I’m lucky to have the opportunity to watch her play for the 2008 SCUAA (State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association) Meet. That’d be this coming semestral break on October 24 to so and so… Ma’am Aleli had the foresight of planning to bring me and an Amaranth co-staff there to equip us for the coming SCUAA 2009 which will be held in our university as members of the student press. (Haha, now I see the REAL-LIFE benefits of this Amaranth thing…) Can’t wait for this. [Side note: her sister, Lelaine, along with co-majors, won the Mural Painting Contest in the recent Intramurals and she’d be coming with us too—adding the fun and enjoyment!]

I had a foretaste of what I’d be expecting last Thursday when the main campus varsity players played with that of VSU-Isabel (external campus). It was some sort of exhibition game between the two during the Intramural Games: the varsity volleyball players from VSU-Isabel paid the campus a visit and played with those from the main campus (that includes Ivone). I had fun watching their game; it was exciting. And add it, I really do love to watch her play.

So, that’s it. I enjoy watching Ivone play volleyball, and I’m badly looking forward to watching her play during the upcoming SCUAA. Boy, what a time. Of course, I do hope they’d win too. Well, I would still have more practices to watch and spike my time away: a daily pastime that, to me, is never a bore but an opportunity to know her more…


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