Being Informed Of My Ex’s New Cell Number

Last night, my phone rang: I have a new message. I was anticipating for an SMS from someone who hasn’t been texting to me for quite a while already. When I opened my inbox, it was a number I didn’t know (the number was not in my phonebook). Clicking on it, it read:

Alo0..gud eve..******* hRe..pkiSve nlng my #..ma0 njud ni aq gmt0n..tnx..God blesS. 🙂

For those who doesn’t speak my dialect, it can be paraphrased like this:

Hello..good eve…******* here…please save my number…this will now be the one that I will be using. Thanks. God bless.

Well, what can you say?

Oh, I forgot, ******* is the one I was talking about. She’s my ex-girlfriend. I mean, we’re fine, and we’ve been communicating once in a while.

Now, having a new number and broadcasting it to friends is not something to fuzz about—normally, but there are things that can be pondered upon when it comes to someone whom you had a relationship with. Often times, when a relationship ends not so smoothly, the options there are to keep in touch and not to. And that’s what made me think when she gave me her new number. Not that I’m worthless anymore, I think she has the prerogative of doing away with me for good or not.

Of course, she’s still important to me. We had been friends for quite a time before we had a relationship and our friendship was “restored” after we settled some issues after the breakup, but I nonetheless cannot claim such rights so as to keep in contact with her.

But it doesn’t mean that the world is peachy then. Throughout the course of our ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend friendship, we had been conversing with matters about our past relationship, our feelings, about love, courtship and whatnot, which I think doesn’t sound good, right. We even delve into heated (SMS) discussions about these once in a while. So much for getting over or moving on, huh?

That makes OPTION B (not to communicate) more choosable. The catch is, she gave me her new number!!!

With me eyeing on a “new prospect” and many other things to do, she continuing to communicate with me is something that quite bugs me.

Of course, I could not help but think that she still has that determination to continue to communicate with me. Any further implication, I leave that to her (I don’t want to think about that—yet). It appears that she still wants me to be on her side in her ‘singleness’ journey, doesn’t it? Hmmm… Or perhaps, (let’s make it a little bit lighter) she might think that if she doesn’t give me her new number now and have something to tell me some other time, and receives a “Who is this, please” SMS from me, the situation might be quite uneasy for her.

Now, just as any other discussion I make, I confess that there may be pitfalls in my line of thinking concerning any topic at any given time. That is why I’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Please leave your comments. Thanks.


11 thoughts on “Being Informed Of My Ex’s New Cell Number

  1. I’m basically wondering why she’d give you her new number.. well i guess gamay ra ang possible reasons, it could be that she wants to keep the friendship ( sayang naman kung mawawala lang yun dahil sa break-up) or it could also be that she has something else in her mind (and i guess that’s for you to find out).

  2. That’s for me to find out, huh? Maybe I’ll try to ask. Nga’ ano? Why do I always discuss things for myself when I can ask first? But these issues are quite touchy and I might not get an honest, accurate or authentic answer. Hmmph..

  3. well jed, nasa sayo naman yon kung mag-tetext ka pa sa kanya o hindi, diba?? sa tingin ko she sent that kind of text sa lahat ng friends nya. siguro nga gusto pa nyang makigpag-communicate sayo pero depende naman yon sa iyo noh! what do you usually do kung ayaw mong makipag-communicate sa isang tao? diba di ka nagtetext? what if di mo na siya itext? by then marerealize niya na ayaw mo na ng any connection with her. am i right or not?

    or cguro naman ayaw mo lang talagang siyang bitawan. kaya ka ba ganyan ka-affected?

  4. haha cool 2ng topic na to Jed!
    COnfuse or dEnial? my feelings p din kau sa isa’t isa..=p

    ok lng my communication p din!(para sbhing d bitter ang break-ups haha?!joke)

  5. Ate nalu, di na man sa ganun na ayaw ko na talagang makipag-commuicate sa kanya. God forbid, but I don’t “hate” or “despise” her. After all those experiences we had, good or bad, it changed me for the better. She came to my life for a reason. And it was for good.

    Now, I can say that being single entails somewhat a question-dilemma for me. My direction as to my love life is yet something to “find out”, and honestly, she’s still on my list of ‘choices’ (with no offense with using the word). That is why I am making myself sensitive to even little things and subtle actions, making them indicators that will, I hope, eventually point me to the direction that I should take. Whether it be to her, or someone else.

    Why do I put emphasis on this aspect of my life? That’s a common question I encounter from most of you. Well, it’s because I’m going there in one way or another. And I don’t want to make hasty and poor decisions in the future, that;s why (P)roper (P)reparation (P)revents (P)oor (P)erformance. Hehehehe

    Dennis, we should accept that feelings exist. But in no way must we think that they are the only basis for choosing where we should go. But I love the way you’re amused with the topic. You can always suggest topics to me every now and then. (Classmates pa nga tayo eh…)

  6. first gf m? =)
    Iba k pla mainlove naks?!hehe
    topic b? hehe cge2 nxt tym la q maicp nkktuwa mgbsa ng bLog dti mron aq kso d n activ hehe
    tnx sa reply

  7. Haha, fortunately or unfortunately, she’s my first ever. But it’s not just because she’s the first I ever had, but I believe I am just this when I love—”passionate”, ika nga. But of course, I’ve also learned a lesson when we unleash what we have and not control it. Feelings unbound may sound ‘cool’, but the principle of discipline is always there. Wisdom should always regulate it.

    Here’s a good example: The Kite and its String. The Kite (Passion) can only fly and soar when the string (Wisdom) regulates it. Then can we experience passion at its best.

    Have I gone so far? Hehehe

  8. My ex-girlfriend SMSd me this, after reading this post:


    Ui jed,imu jd tgaAn ras0n butang2 nuh..wa lng c.e.gtagaAn r tka #..jima nmu ui


    What can you say?

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