Ukay-Ukay 2: Is it coming?

Lately, an open letter from someone with a pseudonym “Geek in The Pink” appeared on school bulletin boards. Here it goes:

Jed Asaph Cortez, a.k.a ZaidoPink

All have read. Each had their own opinion. Many were enraged by your proverbial article entitled Ukay Ukay. It is now time to once again face your nemesis.

As the VSU Anniversary is fast approaching, various school organizations are once again busy coming up with their respective t-shirts and “showcasing their technical know-hows in visual design”.

To see if you have clearly made your point, why not write an article entitled Ukay Ukay part II as a sort of post test from your crash course in T-SHIRT DESIGN 101.

This would probably be another interesting article in the Amaranth to be added in your Ukay Ukay Saga.

More Power.

-Geek In The Pink-

Would you like to ask about my initial reaction? Really? Honestly,I laughed.

Not that I laughed out of sarcasm or insult, but the thought of reliving long dead issues such as that led me to boisterous laughing for about a minute or so. Well, I’m not in the position to judge the writer, but chances are, he or she is either for my ideas and wants me to prove myself—or—he or she simply doesn’t like the article and hasn’t “moved on” yet. Funny, right?

However, Geek in the Pink has made an astounding suggestion: the thought of another T-Shirt Article could be a good proposition. For one, Ukay Ukay undeniably has made an impact to the way student orgs make t-shirts and a sequel could reinforce the direction of that practice. Second, it could make a professional evaluation on the newly printed t-shirts and cover some points that might not have been pointed out in Ukay Ukay. And last, this Geek could get what he wants.

But let me list some pros and cons. “Ukay-Ukay part II” would possibly:

  • Elicit negative reactions from the t-shirt designers and students, especially those who belong to orgs whose t-shirts might not have faired well visual-design-wise,
  • Educate the readers, on the other hand, and give them better understanding on this particular subject, thus possibly equipping them for future ‘projects’,
  • Exploit the Amaranth as a tool for expression, giving the impression that the publication is being used by the writer for personal gain or recognition (if not unpopularity), and
  • Diminish the objectivity of the readers for the reason that the readers of the Amaranth tend to be subjective in their approach, to the extreme, enough to be labeled “balat-sibuyas” or onion-skinned.

After careful deliberation of the points made, I have come up with the following game plan:

  1. Survey the new t-shirts printed by the different student orgs for the 84th VSU Anniversary;
  2. Make an objective evaluation of the t-shirt designs with the various principles of visual design including different color psychology matrices (CPM’s) as reference(s);
  3. Make an article a la Ukay Ukay as a sort of an exposition of point number 2;
  4. NOT publish the said article in the next issue of the Amaranth, considering the said cons if published; instead
  5. Publish an article as a post in this blog for the following reasons: a) the article would not be deliberately “fed” to the general student public, but instead b) would be available to those students who are interested to delve into a more “mature” discussion on the subject and c) isolate possible tensions from the university setting.

With what has been said, can I ask for your comments?


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